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Dr. Ana Maria Tekina-eiru Maynard is a blood descendant of the indigenous Tainos from Boriken (Puerto Rico). Her family-line dates back 6000 years to the Arcaicos (Ancient Ones), the Island's earliest inhabitants.

Tekina-eiru is a Dreamwork & Master Certified Spiritual Life Coach, trained by the International Coach Federation (ICF ACC 2016-2022). As a Dreamwork Coach, she helps those in need of Personal Transformation discover the important messages they receive through dreams. She is an experienced Group and Laser Coach. Dr. Maynard received her ICF master certified coach training from the World Coach Institute (2016) and ICF certified DreamWork Coach training under William Sharon (2019). In 2023 she completed a 48-hour (2 semester) Pastoral Care Specialist training program provided by the ACPE (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education) under Aaron Pawelek.

Tekina-eiru is passionate about helping Healthcare/Helping Professionals facing compassion fatigue and burnout build time for self-care. She has complemented her ICF training with professional development in holistic and integrated health, stress management, and ecotherapy. Her Pastoral Care Specialist training program provided by the ACPE taught basic knowledge about mental health and skills pastoral caregivers in faith communities need to help others effectively, ethically, and safely.

Tekina-eiru's interactive workshops based in her published book -- When Nature Sings: A Taino Journey. -- remind us that Nature enjoys communicating with humanity through experiences that bring meaning to life. Through keynotes, workshops, videos and photo blogs she shares this message with everyone!

Tekina-eiru is Kacike (Tribal Chief) and Spiritual Leader of Yukayeque Yara Cu, a Taino tribe of blood descendants and Guaytiao (friends). Her active indigenous community celebrates living traditions and shares how we live in relationship with Nature. She is a consecrated Naguety (Elder), and a Tekina -- a Teacher of Taino traditions and writer of ceremonial music and dance.

Dr. Maynard is an innovator (11 patents) holding a doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. She is the Founding Executive & Artistic Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, a community bonded like Family under the umbrella of cultural arts and traditions. Her combined expertise is unique in Texas and the Southwest. She brings impact when creative, outside-the-box invention and her multi-disciplinary combination of skills will differentiate.

In Austin? Let's have a session over Puerto Rican coffee on my peaceful back porch in "The Little Forest"!

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