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When Nature Sings

When Nature Sings - LIVE Video Blogs (Ongoing Series)

Feeling exhausted? Drained from stress? Enjoy these LIVE video blogs from exotic and every-day places that share how Nature can help us through challenging times, reflect and let go, make room for new growth, dissolve stress, reharge and align with Earth energy. Need more? Ask for your free Discovery Session.

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When Nature Sings in Winter
Reflect and let go of what's over!

When Nature Sings from the Forest
Make room for new growth with a Fall cleaning!

When Nature Sings on Vacation
How can Nature help you recharge?

When Nature Sings with Turtles
Life is a journey -- not a destination.

When Nature Sings with Flowers
Feeling Exhausted? Aromatherapy can help!

When Nature Sings with Intention
Was last year terrible? Align yourself with new growth.

When Nature Sings at the Magic Stream
Too much week? Water is a power way to recharge!

When Nature Sings back Home
Create your sacred space at home!

When Nature Sings at El Yunque
Connect to Nature to show her love

When Nature Sings at the Beach
Too much running? Rest and reset at the beach!

In Austin? Let's have a session over Puerto Rican coffee on my peaceful back porch in "The Little Forest"!

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