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How my coaching helps

I am an indigenous woman and a logical, creative thinker. As your spiritual life coach, I will help you transform you life by regaining self-awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, discover choices, breakdown obtacles, and take actions that move you forward.

Deep down we know what we need to be our best selves. Our soul speaks to us through dreams! Through symbols it reflects to us where we are in life and belief systems we are ready to outgrow.

Through the coaching process I will help you unravel the important messages your soul is sending you. In your darkest moments I will remind you there is a Force greater than yourself who wants you to fulfill the mission of your life!

Life challenges are an opportunity for growth and transformation. I will guide your restoration by meeting twice a month to help you:

I will help you develop a transformative, healing connection to nature that works with your beliefs and lifestyle. And put you in touch with your soul who wants you to be the best of everything you are!

In Austin? Let's have a session over Puerto Rican coffee on my peaceful back porch in "The Little Forest"!

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The Little Forest

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      Dr. Ana María Tekina-eirú Maynard

+1 512 251 8122
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Dr. Ana María Tekina-eirú Maynard
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