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Ramona Vela Reynolds
Austin, Texas
February 2021

Tekina-eiru was recommended to me by a friend when I was not able to clearly see what I had going on in my life. Tekina-eiru guided me through an inner path allowing me to see and hear myself. Sometimes I know what to do, but I don't trust myself. As a survivor I know that I do this and need a little help from time to time. After our session I felt a sense of empowerment and grounded in my identity. I was able to acknowledge my rebirth. Something therapists try to teach you to do, I've seen a lot! Tekina-eiru revealed to me what was inside of me, what was there but couldn't see. I am new to coaching and so grateful to have experienced this with Tekina-eiru.

Janet Merino
Hutto, Texas
March 2020

I have been positively impacted by Tekina-eiru and her coaching sessions. I was going through difficult changes in my personal life. Tekina-eiru told me about the power of nature. She suggested spending time with nature after every session. My favorite assignment was to sit under a tree. I felt so free after doing this exercise. I needed help and tools to heal myself and move on. Spending time with nature and her coaching helped me feel free from sorrow and pain. Coaching with Tekina-eiru covers everything from mind, heart and body. She has a beautiful personality and is an amazing coach.

Mathew LaSpina
Austin, Texas
May 2018
(Discovery Session)

Thank you so much for meeting and talking to me about everything. You're amazing.

Jeannette Martinez
Austin, Texas
March 2018

I was going through painful changes in my life. A friend told me about Tekina-eiru. She said "Call her, she will help you -- she is amazing". I needed help and tools to heal myself and move on. We put together a plan and worked with the most important things first like emotions; my spiritual well-being; then daily situations; and a 30, 60, 90 day plan for all the other stuff in my life. Our coaching covers everything -- mind and body. My personal life has been impacted very positively. I was in denial and learned that grieving is part of the process of letting go. Everybody can benefit from working with Tekina-eiru. She has a beautiful soul; she is honest and a very special person that brings to life the best in you as a person. She is an amazing coach.

Christopher Narvaez
September 2017

It was difficult for me to navigate after going through so much in life. The methods of Natures Clarity taught me about myself and how to move forward, while learning from past examples. You don't give up, that is the first step. I live in Alaska, and am working with Tekina. I'm deeply appreciative of her sensitivity. She taught me what is important to me and my long term goals in life. Having a coach to check-in with was a great feeling. I thank Tekina for working with me and believing in me. Tekina has been a leader in guiding me to believe in myself from the day we started to work on my journey. I am working to be Christopher, all I was meant to be.

Rut Vidia Ontiveros
April 2017

I must admit I was skeptical and did not know what to expect from coaching. I asked myself what would I get from this? In less than an hour after answering a couple of questions Tekina-eiru gave me clarity on what I truly wanted for my future. Most of us go thru life without asking what we really want. Tekina-eiru has a talent some might call intuition to find individual's best qualities and help them shine. She helped me develop a plan to execute my ideas and provided accountability completely getting me out of my comfort zone. If you want growth, clarity and guidance, invest in the most valuable of assets, You.

Sandra Ramos Thuel, PhD
New Jersey
January 2017

Tekina-eiru has a natural gift for coaching. I met her many years ago when she reached out to me at a time she knew I would need help. I was a new student at Carnegie Mellon, living on my own for the first time. She spared no expense nor effort to help me in every way, becoming a sister, friend and mentor to me. When she more recently told me she had become a certified coach, I thought that this was just an official validation of the gifts she has had all along and her consistent dedication to help others be the best they can be. To that end, she recently helped me once again navigate through some difficult life challenges, exercising new coaching skills that helped me see with more clarity what I needed to do to move forward. Tekina isn't just certified to be a life coach. A coach is simply who she is and always will be. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet her will find that she pours her heart and soul into helping you. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter with any problem and offers wise advice and direction. I consider myself very fortunate to know her and encourage others to see for themselves the difference that she can make in their lives.

Family Caregiver Workshop attendee
Austin TX
February 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tekina-eiru's When Nature Sings: A Taino Journey. The "simple" scenes depicted in her book reinforce the fact that when we look beyond our "busy-ness," our eyes can see the bounty of our Blessings. As complex as life can be, Nature is the constant messenger that delivers "a reminder that when life gets too fast, Semign (God) is always there with his invisible safety chord until you come to a safe landing."

Her photographs capture Nature "red-handed," proof that serenity, wisdom, beauty & direction are there for "all who know how to listen."

When Nature Sings is a gift for everyone, but especially for those who must face exceptional challenges on a daily basis. Both family caregivers and carees will find comfort, reassurance and hope in this Taino journey!

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